About us

Hi, I’m Angie – I lovingly breathe beautiful new life, into old, otherwise abandoned books.

Whilst every fairy-tale features its own princess, every fable has adversity to be overcome, and funnily enough, this is exactly how the story of Skylar’s Pretty Little Books began, with the birth of my daughter – Skylar.
Today, this little lady is 6, going on 16, but way back when (shortly after Skylar’s arrival) like all bundles of joy, I wanted to discover the perfect keepsake to celebrate (and this is right about the time that adversity set in). I searched for hours on end (through hell and high water) page after Google page, for the perfect keepsake. Amongst those digital pages, I hit upon an idea and plenty of inspirational images of books crafted into something really rather special.
From that single fledgling idea, grew the little business that you see before you today (I guess many others have arrived here from doing battle with those uninspiring, search pages of Google and the like).
I gave blood, sweat and tears to perfect my craft – a craft that some call book folding, whilst others describe it as book art (I personally like to think of it as book sculpture).
My little business flourished against a backdrop where readers were swiftly switching to kindles, eBooks and other digital formats – readers who had sadly forgotten the smell, look and feel of old books.
It is from these underappreciated pages that I craft meaningful messages from thousands of words – for a book, transformed, into a single picture, saying or symbol – like Love, Family or Home.
Each of my items are handmade and created with love – and at the end is a bespoke keepsake – a precious gift as unique as the person to which it’s given.
All of which is suffice to say, that it’s a happily ever after for the books that may otherwise have laid unloved and abandoned – gathering dust or at danger of being sent to landfill.
The end.

Afterword: If you’d like to see just what I’ve been busy working on and be kept in the loop as to when there’s the next big sale, be sure to connect with me on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.