Collection: For Him Collection

So, last year, what was it? Aftershave? And the year before that? Whisky? This year, it seems as though socks and underpants may be threatening to make an appearance amongst that wrapping paper.

Fret not.

For the dedicated gamer, the passionate petrol head or avid reader – for every guy – dad, granddad or friend, there is a handmade, lovingly created book sculpture to match.

For taking pride of place on the mantelpiece, or featuring in that man-cave that’s misleadingly titled a ‘study’.

Every book sculpture we create is handcrafted – resulting in creations where no two versions are ever the same.

Each of the books that we use are pre-loved – providing for a bucket load of charm and a book worm lover’s lust for that old book aroma.

We finish every piece with a flash of coloured ribbon and before they leave our studio floor, we lovingly gift wrap each order (we don’t like to boast, but we’re a dab hand at perfect corners and crisp folds).