Collection: Occasions Collection


Whatever the occasion, it can be a tough job scouring the high street or searching through endless pages of Google Shopping to find the perfect gift.

Amongst our occasions collection is bookart for every eventuality – from the ringing of wedding bells, to the blowing out of birthday candles – for an engagement, the arrival of a cherished bundle of joy or a simple ‘Thank You’, so beautifully said with thousands of words folded into two.

Every book sculpture we create is handcrafted – resulting in creations where no two versions are ever the same.

Each of the books that we use are pre-loved – providing for a bucket load of charm and a book worm lover’s lust for that old book aroma.

We finish every piece with a flash of coloured ribbon and before they leave our studio floor, we lovingly gift wrap each order (we don’t like to boast, but we’re a dab hand at perfect corners and crisp folds).